FineMEP is a Complete Package of Building Services Design Software including the following Programs


















> New FineMEP 19 Top Features (video)


New FineMEP 19 Major Upgrade with additional advanced features


BIM Innovative Design: New BIM design with a total code restructure based on the ODA-Teigha libraries and a 64bit Architecture to ensure unrivaled performances on the display engine and the open/save & read/write functions.

New Interface: New BIM interface including Ribbon menus, enhanced toolbars, sophisticated property panel, enhanced dialogs for the BIM entities and widespread use of grips.

Advanced Modelling Features

  • New BIM objects (i.e. walls of any shape, corner openings, continuous surfaces on the wall joints with composite building elements etc)
  • Quick editing of the BIM objects, due to the extended property panel in conjunction with the filter selection and the use of grips.
  • Intelligent building level/floor management (images as Xrefs, smart level editor and others).
  • Clash detection while designing the HVAC/Plumbing/Electrical networks
  • Visual 3D model for the heating/cooling surfaces of the building shell
  • Flexibility to define/edit different heights in a space.
  • Option for real time editing of the network diameters/sizes (i.e. desired dimensions) through the Property Panel.
  • Ability to define the air-flow rates of a ventilation system directly on the drawing.
  • Smart algorithms in the Air Ducts module to generate the detailed 3D realistic model according to the Ashrae detailed guidelines.
  • Real time 3D sizing of the heating/cooling units following the requirements and the manufacturers’ data.
  • Parametric design of underfloor heating systems, considering snail, serpentine and meander patterns.
  • Integration of the 3D building services installation drawings within the 3D architectural model
  • High quality fast rendering to create realistic views of both, the building shell and the MEP installations (piping network, air-duct network etc).

Full BIM Compatibility and Interoperability: Maximum interoperability with every BIM application (i.e. Revit, Archicad etc) and seamless integration among the FINE-MEP verticals, as well as with IDEA and FineGREEN.

New Powerful CAD Engine: Embeds all the new features of the latest 4MCAD v.19, more powerful than ever, engine.