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OEM version of IDEA Architectural in France

4M’s strategic collaboration with Data Prompt Technologies (DP Tech), provides the French-speaking markets with a powerful Architectural BIM solution based on IntelliCAD. In particular, since January 2007, DP Tech exclusively distributes a French OEM version of IDEA Architectural, under the name "IntelliPlus Architecturals".

Marc Germain, Cyril Perrin and Cédric Desbordes, the 3 co-founders of DP Tech, said: "We are delighted to have secured this collaboration in a product area with tremendous growth potential. 3D Architectural packages have, historically, been at a price point which excluded many people or companies. IntelliPlus Architecturals powered by IDEA shall provide a highly competitive solution for highly realistic 3D drawings of houses and buildings. Being 5 times less expensive than other similar solutions and really user-friendly, this product matches perfectly with DP Tech's strategy based on the democratization of CAD technologies over the French-speaking markets."

Cédric Desbordes, the Chairman of the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium (ITC) board, added: "I hope that such collaborations shall increase the visibility of the IntelliCAD technology over the world and launch a new era for the ITC by promoting a closer cooperation among members, joining their forces and abilities to develop competitive vertical applications."

About DP Tech
DP Tech is a French company involved in the CAD industry since January 2001. Since then, it has developed the IntelliPlus range of CAD software, a professional-level suite of applications powered by the IntelliCAD technology. DP Tech aims at providing the French-speaking markets with cost-effective AEC (Architecture–Engineering–Construction) solutions that are highly compatible with the DWG file format, which is used by millions of professionals around the world, to create or modify technical drawings and maps.

For further information about DP Tech, visit their website
Adding European Codes EC 2 and EC 8 on GT.STRUDL

4M is a partner of Georgia-Tech concerning both the central distribution of GT.STRUDL in the Southern/Eastern Europe, as well as for co-developing activities regarding extensions of GT.STRUDL in order to meet the needs of the European Codes.

Among other design codes, GT.STRUDL includes the EC3 procedure for the design of steel structures, according to European technical recommendations. It does not include, however, a procedure for the EC2 design code for reinforced concrete structures, nor for the EC8 code regarding seismic consideration.

4M has developed an add-on module for this purpose. EC2/8 is strongly linked to GT.STRUDL for the code checking and design of reinforced concrete structures, capable of handling beam, column and shear wall design. The module is fully parametrical, particularly facilitating the insertion of specific national provision, when performing EC2 design operations. In addition, is also capable of creating floor plan drawings, column details, beam construction drawings, beam reinforcements sections and tables. IntelliCAD, utilized for opening and editing the different drawings created by the program, provides the support and extensive available graphics features.

Direct communication with GT.STRUDL is achieved through automatically created macro and DBX files. All the necessary data for the module, according to which the check and the dimensioning of members takes place, are stored into files called “Material Libraries”. Material Libraries include all the parameters that are in National Annexes, and that may vary from country to country. EC2/8 module can handle columns having up to 7 rectangular parts (Γ – Π – T shaped), beams of I – Ζ – T – Γ – L shape and shear walls. Ultimate Limit State (ULS) check, Serviceability Limit State (SLS) check, shear capacity check and soft storey check are included.

EC Add Ons were introduced on June 2005 during the annual meeting of GT.STRUDL users in Las Vegas, presented by Aristidis G. Papachristidis, Civil Engineer.
Olympic Projects designed by 4M Suite

4M Software has been widely used for the design of most of the Olympic Projects in Athens 2004, by a large number of consulting engineering firms, involved in the design and construction process during the preparation period (1998 till 2004). Because of the large scaling and the complexity of those Projects, there was a special need for reliable and high-efficiency software tools, specified as below:
  • Powerful CAD engine, for working directly on the real 3D model of the project
  • Reliable calculation models, embedding a rich methodological background with valid standards, norms and regulations.
  • Ability to handle large-scale projects (large file drawings, voluminous data tables etc)
  • Interaction between the Architectural/Structural/Mechanical aspects of the projects, in order to facilitate the cooperation among the Architects/Civil Engineers/Mechanical Engineers
  • Easy communication and document sharing among the designers and engineers involved in the design process (i.e. dwg files for drawings, xls for tables, doc for documents and so on)
  • International profile and characteristics (multilingual versions, international standards etc)

All those requirements, were absolutely complying with the 4M Suite philosophy, explaining the reason of its extensive use in so many Olympic Projects. The 4M Verticals FINE, IDEA, STRAD and STEEL, not only have been used in many Olympic Projects, but also during all the stages of their design process (feasibility study, final study, implementation study) in many cases. Some of those Projects are shown in this paragraph, followed by a short description and the name of the respective engineering firm. There are divided into three categories:

  • ElectroMechanical Engineering Case Studies that have been carried out through FINE software package
  • Structural Analysis design studied with STRAD & STEEL programs
  • Architectural Design and Photorealism, rendered through the professional CAD IntelliCAD and the Architectural Package IDEA
Building Services carried out by FINE software package

International Broadcasting Center (IBC), Preliminary Study: E/M: P.I. Zannis & Associates Ltd,
Final Study: TRIEDROS Consulting Engineers Ltd [Α' Phase, cell] EXSIS S.A. [Β' Phase, internal building services]

Olympic Training Facilities (Vouliagmeni, Gerakas, Galatsi, Ilion, Peristeri, Volos, Kriti, Patra etc),  ELXIS
Consulting Engineers S.A.

E/Μ Design of Calatrava's Roof  LDK Consulting Engineers S.A., KION Consulting Engineers S.A.

Nikaia Olympic WeightLifting Hall
E/M TETRAS Ltd, P.I. Zannis & Associates Ltd

Galatsi Olympic Hall Preliminary Study: P. Kamarinos, LDK
Final: C&M Engineering

Goudi Olympic Hall
Alkon Consulting Engineers Ltd

Agios Kosmas Olympic Sailing Center
LDK Consulting Engineers S.A.

Panthessalic Stadium Preliminary Study: TEAM E/M,
Final:  P.I. Zannis & Associates Ltd

Markopoulo Olympic Shooting Centre Preliminary Study: LDK, Final: .I Leloudas & Associates, CONSEN Ltd

Markopoulo Olympic Equestrian Centre Preliminary Study: D. Dalavagas, Final Study: ELTEME Ltd

Schinias Olympic Rowing and Canoeing Centre,
I. Leloudas & Associates

HCO - Olympic Canoe / Kayak Slalom Centre TEAM E/M

HCO - Helliniko Olympic Complex ADK Consulting Engineers S.A., MMB Consulting Engineers

Olympic Villages (2300 apartments)
LDK Consulting Engineers S.A.

Pampeloponnisiako Stadium, Patras
ELXIS Consulting Engineers S.A.

Ilisia Media Village ELXIS Consulting Engineers S.A.

Storehouse 2004 in Thriasium ELXIS Consulting Engineers S.A

Press Village (SELETE)
S. Venieris & Associates

Olympic Velodrome
LDK Consulting Engineers S.A. - KION Consulting Engineers S.A.

Press Village (Palini)
LDK Consulting Engineers S.A.

Athens 2004 Main Offices TEAM E/M

Athens 2004 Main Building TEAM E/M
Pankritio Stadium, Heraklio

Olympic Projects designed on STRAD STEEL structural packages

International Broadcast Center (IBC)
N. Giannoulopoulos & Associates

Nikaia Olympic WeightLifting Hall
N. Giannoulopoulos & Associates

Press Village (SELETE)
T. Mantelos & Associates

Doping Control Building
K. Liontos & Associates

Olympic Village
K. Liontos & Associates

Pampeloponnisiako Stadium
K. Liontos & Associates

Dekeleia Training Facilities K. Liontos & Associates

Olympic Canoe / Kayak Slalom Centre
K. Liontos & Associates

Architectural design through 4M-IntelliCAD & IDEA
Athens 2004 Center Domorinthos

Photorealism of Markopoulo Olympic Equestrian Centre
K. Theotokatos- E. Dima
Main Press Center  (MPI)
K. Kyriakidhs & Associates
Photorealism: G. Kontaroudhs Arch.

Press Village (SELETE) G. Mpratsos, Arch.
4M, a brand name in Southern/Eastern Europe

4M is being activated in the Southern/Eastern European countries since the year 1999 when the Company introduced its Mechanical & Electrical Suite into the Bulgarian Market. During the next 2 years ADAPT HVAC had been adopted by over 100 offices and freelance engineers, while today 4M has two Distributor companies in Sofia, Domoplan and Akvaklima. In the year 2002 4M products were introduced to the Turkish market too, initially through 4M’s partner Eletra, then from August 2005 through 4M’s subsidiary company, 4M Teknik Yazilim. Besides, Lineart is the central distributor of 4M in Romania. 4M successful presence in the Southern/Eastern Europe is being published among other sources by Pioneer Investors Ltd, a group of highly specialized economic reporters and analysts. In particular, as they are stating through their portal: “Greek companies are well known for their innovative skills and business aggressiveness. Moreover, 4M surprise us with its exceptional competence in niche markets at the cutting edge of new technology”.

About Pioneer Investors Ltd
Pioneer Investors Ltd is a group of highly specialized economic reporters and analysts being activated in the Southern/Eastern Europe. Pioneer Investors’ collaborators in the major capitals of the region - Athens, Belgrade, Bucharest and Sofia - follow all significant business activities in the area collecting valuable information on market trends and business opportunities. Through their contacts in London, Athens and Nicosia they are establishing links between companies and international Investment Funds willing to invest in the fastest growing market of Europe.

For further information visit their website 



4M incorporates Open CASCADE Technology within IntelliCAD®

Open CASCADE 3D Modeling Technology has been adopted by 4M within 4M-IntelliCAD PRO solution, providing IntelliCAD engine with a really powerful 3D Solids modeler.

On May 2005 “Open CASCADE SA” was pleased to announce a new customer success that of 4M Company, among its other customers’ success stories (EADS, BMW, ALCATEL, EDF etc). Since then, IntelliCAD® uses Open CASCADE Technology for development of the 3D Solid Modelling environment within the software. Some other Open CASCADE tools and components were also used to make IntelliCAD® more efficient and powerful. More specifically, the mission was to create an advanced 3D Modelling environment within IntelliCAD®, the “Alternative CAD”, which is sponsored by ITC (IntelliCAD Technology Consortium). The results of this project can be summarized as follows:
- IntelliCAD®, which enjoys a widespread acceptance by the CAD users community, now includes a powerful 3D Solids environment
- High product quality and impressive performances of the 3D Solid Modelling aspects
- Affordable product cost, thanks to the higher productivity provided by the open source and Public License used by Open CASCADE
- Extended operability with other CAD systems thanks to the Open CASCADE components such the ACIS-SAT
- Up-to-date technology on 3D Solids through access to future releases of Open CASCADE. Read more at 

About Open CASCADE S.A.
Open CASCADE is an Information Technology Company, providing services in the domain of scientific and technical computing, particularly in the integration of simulation tools. For its customers, Open CASCADE develops specific solutions integrating their know-how with its own Open Source tools or proprietary IT tools. The company relies on an international team of highly skilled engineers with proven competence in many areas: 3D modeling, data exchange, numerical simulation, visualization and graphic user interface, cross-platform environment, etc.

For further information about Opencascade, visit their website


4M Verticals, the official tools for all the Greek regional departments

4M vertical applications have been selected to supply all regional departments of Greece (Athens, September 2005). The vertical CAD applications, which are completely based on IntelliCAD® technology (IDEA-Architectural, FINE-Building Services, STRAD-Structural Analysis RC, and STEEL-Steel Constructions), were selected by the Greek Ministry of Interior to supply all thirteen regional departments of Greece with advanced technical software. The Greek Ministry of Interior aims for eighty (80) IntelliCAD-based stand-alone workstations, now practically the standard, for regional technical authorities all around the country to study and control Greek public projects. 4M was chosen according to the n.13588 National Public Competition, surpassing many other competitors based on other CAD platforms.


FineHVAC is becoming a Standard in India

1. DES Training Institute: FineHVAC has been adopted by training institutes in India, as a standard design tool for HVAC installations. DES HVAC Training Institute (Lenin Building, Kukatpally, Hyderabad, India), is a Training Center addressed to fresh and experienced people. The qualification required for the HVAC course is a Diploma or B.Tech/B.E in Mechanical Engineering. Training on FineHVAC is considered among the various design aspects of Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Installations, and is suggested particularly to Students who look forward to going to Middle East and Europe. Mr. Chakradhar, managing director of DES, said: Training on FineHVAC significantly helps our students to comprehend well the advantages of using advanced software tools for studying HVAC projects regarding all the their aspects (assumptions, calculations, evaluation of results, costing, project drawings etc). In addition, the training experience of Samhita Cad & Graphics, the exclusive Partner of 4M in India, gives us the chance to get the maximum benefit from our choice.

2. Swapna Enterprises: Swapna Enterprises ( in India (306 Gokulam Apartments, 6th Phase Kphb Colony, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh- 500 072 , India, Ph.: +91-40-40063771), offers integrated engineering services like Mechanical engineering service, Electrical engineering service to their clients worldwide, are using IntelliCAD and 4M Fine HVAC. Mr. Chakradhar Majety, the managing director of the Company, said: Swapna Enterprises aims at providing HVAC drafting Services, MEP projects and engineering Services in the field of MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing), to a large clientele not only in India but also in USA, Europe & Middle East. Our scope of work and expertise on HVAC Design is significantly supported by FineHVAC, the software which is becoming a new standard in India, under the close support and high value added by Samhita Cad & Graphics, the exclusive Partner of 4M in India.

For further information visit  

4M-IntelliCAD in South America

Quartz Sistemas is the 4M Partner in South America since 2003, providing 4M CAD Solutions and Verticals all over Uruguay and South American countries. Among the success stories of the 4M-Quartz partnership we can distinguish the deals corresponding to particular orders of IntelliCAD (i.e. massive order to the Public Power Corporation of Uruguay, order to the Renault assembly plant -Nordex S.A), confirming the outstanding quality of 4M-IntelliCAD combined with the excellent support of Quartz, in the very demanding field of CAD.

For further information visit Quartz website at  

ELXIS Engineering Consultants S.A.

ELXIS Engineering Consultants S.A. founded in 1993, provides integrated services of Consultant Engineering, as well as complete technical support for a large number of big and complex projects, in the fields of Building Construction, Railway Construction, Electrical / Mechanical and Industrial Installation, Energy and Production Management. Since 1993 ELXIS has adopted 4M software solutions that have been used in a wide range of interesting projects:

- Application design for the development phase of Athens Railway Station.
- Design of the E/M installations of the 1st stage of the completion of the maintenance buildings for general repair services on railway equipment at Thriassio Field.
- Erection design of new tiers, underground parking area and other installations of Egaleo municipal stadium of preliminary study level.
- Total setting off study of Antirrion Castle, in Aetoloakarnania.
- Assignment of Special Technical Consultant’s Duties for assisting GAIA OSE SA with the elaboration of studies of shaping the installations for housing the Olympic Supply Centre and reinstalling OSE’s Piraeus Workshop in Attiki Thriassio Field.
- Technical Consultant of the project "Completion of the State General Archives' Building".
Elaboration of fire – protection design of CARDIA SES (Steam Electric Station) Units I, II, III & IV.
- Redesigning and refurbishment of Students’ Hostel to be used as: Press Village (528 rooms / 685 beds).
- Design of specifications and application of safety principles for the section of Athens Suburbian Railway: Aharnai Railway Center – El. Venizelos Airport.
- Application design and supervision of office tower with underground garage on the corner of Vas. Sophias Ave and Neof Vamva Str (8.900 m2).
- Electrical – Mechanical Design of the International Broadcasting Center at Marousi, Athens 
- PHELLOI sports training and hotel complex at Evrostini, Korinthia.

For further information about Elxis, visit their website

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>> OEM version of IDEA Architectural in France
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