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Architectural Design


Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing & even more


Structural Design & FEA


Smart and low-cost alternatives to AutoCAD« for 2D & 3D Design in DWG


Intuitive and powerful BIM software for 3D & 2D Architectural design in DWG


Advanced BIM software for Building services design and calculation


Structural analysis and design of 3D concrete and steel structures

›› 4MCAD

4M Software Solutions consist of powerful BIM Verticals, all designed according to a state-of-the-art building modeling technology, high-performance CAD engines seamlessly embedded and full compatibility as far as the CAD functionalities and file formats (DWG and IFC) are considered. You should compare 4M solutions with the top brands of their category in order to realise directly the simplicity on their philosophy, the easiness in learning and use, and above all the efficiency in obtaining reliable results for high quality case studies. As shown below, 4M Solutions meet the needs of the entire range of the Building Design Industry, including Professional CAD, Architectural Design, Structural Analysis & Design, Building Services Design (HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Gas) and many others.

 Professional CAD Solutions

4MCAD is 4M’s powerful Professional CAD solution that provides full DWG compatibility, IFC compatibility (4MCAD Pro), similar environment, as well as full support for AutoCAD (*) commands, menus, scripts, styles, patterns etc. 4MCAD speeds and performances are totally unbeatable, explaining the reason why our product has been welcomed by many thousands of Engineers and Designers in over 45 Countries.

(*) Autocad is a trademark anf product of Autodesk company.

 Architectural Design

IDEA is a powerful Architectural environment, designed to meet in a very friendly and flexible way all the needs of an architect, including advanced architectural design, rendering and virtual walkthrough. IDEA adopts a modern BIM structure, for Intelligent model shaping and high design accuracy, natively applied on the real 3D building model. IDEA embeds a high performance version of the 4MCAD engine, keeping all the usual CAD features and functions as they have been introduced by AutoCAD (*), while on the other hand IDEA assures the open communication among the CAD users through the DWG format (opendwg).
 Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing
  FINE is the Building Services Design Suite, covering the mechanical, electrical and plumbing design needs of any building construction. FINE has a unique advantage the fact that "thinks", "suggests" and performs drawings and calculations fully automatically, producing the complete project printout along with the final drawings. FINE Suite includes the following Verticals:
FineHVAC: Heating-Ventilation-Air-Conditioning
FineSANI: Water Supply and Sewerage Design
FineELEC: Electrical Installations Design
FineFIRE: Fire Fighting Design
FineGAS: Gas Design
FineLIFT: Elevator Design
 RC Structural Design

STRAD is a unique tool for Structural Analysis and Design of 3D Concrete Frames. It has a friendly 3D CAD environment embedding 4MCAD, a powerful finite element analysis engine performing both static and modal (eigenvalue) analysis and a reliable design module for concrete members, highly customizable to accept parameters of any seismic code.

STEEL offers the most dependable and flexible solution in the Analysis and Design of Steel Structures. Among others it performs Space Frame Analysis & Member Design according to EC3, Simple Connections – Truss Connections, Moment Connections - Frame Connections, Drafting of Frame & Connections and Dynamic Spectrum Analysis.
 Why to choose 4M Verticals


 Why to choose 4M Verticals

AutoCAD-like functionality The AutoCAD (*) functionality simply means that you already know how to work with the 4M Verticals. Interface appearance and functioning is absolutely familiar to the majority of the CAD users, as all our Verticals completely adopt the industry standard compatibility with AutoCAD commands, AutoCAD Menu, Scripts, Fonts etc.
Dwg compatibility   Dwg compatibility means that you keep an open communication with any other CAD user. Our Verticals’ native file format is .DWG, so when you open or save an existing DWG file there's no file conversion and no data loss. 4M is a member of the open design alliance ( which is committed to promoting open, industry-standard formats for the exchange of CAD data.
Innovative BIM Technology   The intelligent BIM structure of the building information ensures an advanced modeling environment free of limitations, as well as impressive CAD performances and speeds (regarding particularly viewing and snapping operations). Additionally it provides a seamless integration between the CAD Component and the calculation Component wherever calculations are involved. All the 4M BIM Verticals are IFC import/export compatible.
Outstanding Scientific Background   Reliability and validity on methodology and international Standards, are guaranteed by the rich 4M’s scientific activity within the academic world and the engineering associations. In addition, in most cases, the user has also the option to select among alternative techniques, standards and norms.
Unbelievable Affordability   Purchase cost is just 1/3 to 1/5 comparing to the competition. In addition, considering an easy training plus the 3 months free support, 4M solutions manage to reach a really surprising Return of investment (ROI).
Seamless Integration among  Verticals   In case that you are interested in working with more than one 4M Verticals, you will take profit of the added value, which is coming from the seamless integration among the 4M Verticals. Impressive communication and data exchange flows between all the verticals are due to the fact that the Building Model is unique regardless the specific Vertical. For example, the HVAC designer works directly on the idea model taken from the Architect, the structural engineer returns to the Architect the architectural model enhanced by the structural requirements (for a possible iterative optimization approach) and so on.
(*) AutoCAD is a product and trade mark of Autodesk.
 4M New BIM Generation

4M Verticals adopt a new Building Information Technology, which is not simply built on the top of their geometric data model, as is the usual case, but on a real BIM structure, embedding intelligent object entities: Building entities and building installation components are intelligent objects natively defined within the CAD engine, carrying the logical information plus smart algorithms. The advantages of this generation are absolutely visible, permitting the user to get outstanding modeling features in extremely high performances. In particular, we get:
  • CAD functions natively applied to objects, leading to a fast and effective Modeling Environment
  • Logical functions speeding up the modeling process.
  • Viewing and snapping operations in extra high speeds
  • Seamless integration between CAD objects and Calculations components
  • Synergistic integration between verticals
All those features are even more visible by comparing them to the existing competitors. So, just make the comparison yourself and see the difference.

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